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Here at Gardening Know How, we’re on a mission to turn the whole world into gardeners. That’s why we’re gathering some of the world’s most knowledgeable gardening experts, and giving you the chance to learn straight from them.

Current Courses

Seed Starting Workshop

with Geoffrey Johnson of D.O.P.E.

Join Gardening Know How Community Garden Sponsorship recipient, Georgia Master Gardener & founder of Depend. On. Planet. Earth, Geoffrey Johnson to learn the ins and outs of starting all of your favorite plants from seed. This free workshop is designed to both help beginners succeed and master gardeners to learn new tricks!
Seed Starting with Geoffrey

Creating a Butterfly Garden

with Heather Andrews The Thoughtful Gardener

Monarchs are spreading their wings and getting ready for their journey north. Join Gardening Know How and The Thoughtful Gardener, Heather Andrews, as she shares tips and tricks to entice the "royalty" of the butterfly world into your garden. Learn to create a pollinator waystation of your very own!
with Heather Andrews of Garden Thoughfully

No-Waste Kitchen Gardening

with Armen Adamjan of Creative Explained

Want to learn how to regrow kitchen scraps? Or, maybe you’re interested in learning how to take things you normally throw away, like coffee grounds, banana peels, and more to feed your plants. Learn creative hacks for reusing, recycling, and repurposing everyday scraps in your kitchen.
with Armen Adamjan of Creative Explained

Community Gardening for Everyone

Interviews with Community Gardeners Across North America

Every year, Gardening Know How awards a $1,000 sponsorship to up to 20 deserving school or community garden programs across the U.S. and Canada. Each one of the GKH sponsorship recipients is carefully chosen based on their mission, their needs, and their impact on the community they serve. All of the recipients’ stories are both amazing and inspiring. Join host LaManda Joy, author of Start a Community Food Garden, as she sits down with past recipients and discusses everything from how their project began, their successes and setbacks, to why community gardening is so important.
Garden to table tomatoes

Coming Soon

Demystifying Permaculture

Bringing Permaculture to Your Garden

There’s no way around it, permaculture gardening can be intimidating, especially for those with limited space or limited gardening experience. But it certainly doesn’t have to be! Join us as we demystify permaculture and teach you how to apply permaculture practices right in your garden, regardless of your space or your skill level. This course will launch this summer. Sign up now to be notified and get our free eBook, How to Grow Delicious Tomatoes.
Bringing Permaculture to Your Garden

Garden to Table

How to Create Delicious Meals from Your Garden’s Bounty

Have you ever wondered what to DO with all that produce you’re growing in your kitchen garden? Join us as we share fun and delicious recipes, and explore innovative ways to cook with the wonderful vegetables, fruits, and herbs you’ve spent so much time nurturing. We’ll also provide tips on what you might want to consider adding to your kitchen garden, how to ensure your harvest is abundant and healthy, and kitchen techniques that allow you to spend less time cooking and more time in the garden. This course will launch this summer. Sign up now to be notified and get our free eBook, How to Grow Delicious Tomatoes.
Garden to table tomatoes

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